14 Jun  |  Magazine

Do you have a small apartment and wish you felt your home is more spacious, just enough for you not to feel like living in a box? Don't worry, we prepared a simple list of steps for you that will make your rooms feel more spacious and airy, not exactly like optical illusions.. but similar!


1-   Let the light in

Maximize the size of your windows to allow more light and air in the room, brightening up the room with natural light will make it feel vaster.


2-   Mirrors.. mirrors..and more mirrors

Mirrors create a visual illusion that manipulates the size of any room. Use it in the bedrooms, bathrooms or hallways. Choose a bright colored untraditional frame to make a statement piece as well, it won't only add you space but will also look catchy!



3-   Go Vertical

Use your vertical space more effectively and objectively, go for a creative wall library or shelves instead of tables, shower stall instead of a bathtub, bunk bed for the kids room instead of 2 separate beds,, etc.



4-   Use Long White Sheers

White sheers brighten up the room, give a relaxing feeling and a ravishing look, and most importantly make the room seem taller and wider.


5-   Go Big on Furniture!

Contrary to what people think, small furniture diminishes the room and isn't practical. Pick just the appropriate size of furniture that would give you the maximum use with the minimum wasted space.


6-   Wall Decoration

Hang a statement eye-catching piece of decor in your living room, it will raise the eye up.

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