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Upholstered furniture is the easiest to get stained and hardest to clean amongst all furniture! Do you have this set in the living room that you wish it looked like brand new again? Cleaning your upholstered furniture will make your whole living room look brand new, hygienic and smells great! It's very important to clean it every once in a while to maintain your furniture in good shape as well. But before you take the risk learn how to do it from the experts.


In & Out experts have given us the following steps to clean any upholstered furniture;


1-    1st of all; check whether your furniture has removable covers; Sometimes it's hard to find out if the sofa has removable covers as the zippers are all hidden. Removable covers can be washed in the washing machine, just check the instructions on the inside tag and use a diluted laundry detergent that doesn't contain bleach.

You can still have some parts of the furniture that have no removable covers like the hand rest for example, follow the next steps then.


2-    Start with Vacuuming: Cleaning any upholstered furniture should always start with vacuuming the furniture to remove the dust and dirt from the surface. Use a moderate power of the vacuum so it doesn't harm the fabric, a soft attachment brush to the vacuum is also ideal.


3-    Prepare a detergent mixture: Mix 1/4 cup of a mild detergent that doesn't contain bleach with a full cup of warm water, whip it together and soak a sponge into the mixture.


4-   Testing 1st: Always Test your mixture on a non-obvious spot in the furniture! Try wiping a small hidden part of your furniture with the detergent mixture and let it dry, if any discoloration happened to the fabric, stop the process and consider having professional cleaning services as the fabric might need some technical knowledge.


5-    Washing : Gently wipe the furniture with the sponge, don't rub to sponge too hard on the fabric, rather blot at it, letting the diluted detergent soak into the fabric to clean it.


6-     Dr Let it dry, don't use a hair dryer to dry it just open the windows and let it dry naturally is the best.



  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture more frequently and make sure to clean it on a regular basis so it lives longer.
  • Clean stains immediately with Baby wipes, it's soft on the fabric and won't soak the furniture.



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