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Picking a color for your kids' bedroom can be quite confusing, as trivial as it sounds, but actually studies have shown that your kids' bedroom color will affect largely his mood, behavior and even sleep!

We've summed up the top kids bedroom color analysis  to help you pick a color that suites your kid;



Color of the seas, oceans and sky. Blue is a calming color, it relaxes the mind and body, eliminates anxiety and aggression and creates a serene atmosphere. Blue also is said to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, helping your kid to indulge in a deeper sleep.

 (Code: 903 Bedroom 120 Cm)


Girls most favorite! Pink is the colors of tranquility, empathy and feminity. Pink should always be mixed with a neutral color though like: white, grey, beige, in order to keep it's calming effect on your girls.


(Code: L160- LA161-0004)


Yellow is the color of happiness and cheerfulness, psychology studies has associated the color yellow with motivation, it's also said that people who are exposed to the color yellow are more active and ambitious. However, too much yellow in the room evokes anger & frustration, so make sure to employ the color moderately.


 (Code: 815 Bedroom set 120cm)


Red is a highly energetic color, it increases the heart rate and blood pressure, psychologists suggest that red is the ideal color to ignite an athlete. Moderate use of red is also recommended in order to avoid feelings of aggression and agitation.

(Code: LB277-0054- col)


Purple was found to be the color of wisdom, ambition, creativity. Purple combines the warmth of red and calamity of blue which makes it a perfectly moderate color, it also gives the sense of royalty and elegance to the room.

(Code: LBE-231-110767-col)

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