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Do you know that designing your own workspace increases your productivity by up to 32%?!

Studies by University of Exeter's school of Psychology have revealed that having control over the layout of your workspace and personalizing it to your own needs both help to increase productivity and improve your attitude into a more efficient, healthier and happier one.

Your own workspace at home is your place to organize life tasks, study, work and get creative at your own time! Here are few steps to guide you in creating your workspace at home.


1)      The Station!

Pick a zone in the house that will suite the workstation layout you have in mind, best scenario is taking an L-shape wall for your desk or the far end U-walls of a room with a window view. A Window view doesn't just create an engaging and inspiring feeling, but will also renew the air in the place – especially when sitting for a long time amidst books and ink- and helps you stay refreshed for longer.


2)      The Desk

Don't just buy any desk; get the desk that has compatible features needed for your work. Make a small research on desk styles, shapes, features and most importantly sizes. If you are using a laptop or any electrical machines make sure you select a desk with wire hole for better cables management. Other features can be: non scratch surface, drawers, side table or a  drafting table.



3)      Bookcase & Shelving

Keep your interests alive and your desk neat! Store your books, papers, work in a bookcase or create your own shelving design. Here we have 2 rules: keep your storage area near or connected to the desk that's how it's easier to use, and if you live in a dusty area or by the desert go for a closed bookcase to save cleaning time!

4)      Task Lights

The most important accessory in your workspace, task light is the focused lighting needed for a specific task in hand whether reading, writing, working on the laptop.. etc. There are many task light fixtures to consider: desk lamps, sconces, spot lights, light pendants, under-cabinet lighting, mix and match to have the ideal lighting.



5)      Green it!

Researches that have been conducted by Exeter University School of Psychology for over a decade affirmed that adding houseplants to the workspace improves performance and increase productivity by 15%, not only that, but it also detox and purifies the room air creating an exhilarating environment.

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